Sunday, October 14, 2007

Using Wube's Sew Cute Magnetic Paper

I'll admit it. I'm the worst at buying stuff and letting it sit around. I think I bought this Wube Sew Cute Magnetic Paper in one of my first purchases from the Scrap Treasures store.

A couple of days ago, I realized that with all the craziness of my back problems, I had totally forgotten to give my Mom a birthday present. My Mom keeps her fridge covered with pictures, and she always loves getting updated pictures to change them out once in a while. So I thought I would make use this paper to give her something new for her refrigerator decor.

The green magnetic paper worked perfectly with some Daisy D's School Days paper that Julie RAK'd me a couple of months ago. In my typical trying-to-save-time fashion, I wanted to use a sketch. The paper measures 8.5 X 5.75, so I headed over to PageMaps. I was able to adapt one of Becky's HalfMap sketches for 6x12 LO's. Added some flowers, brads and ribbons from my stash. I thought about covering the picture with a transparency to help protect it, but then I remembered that my mom really doesn't cook very much anymore. So I'm not too worried about the grease splatters in her kitchen, and she doesn't have little hands trying to touch everything they can get their hands on. But the transparency would be a great idea if you are worried about keeping that photo protected. So in a very short amount of time (less than an hour) I've got a gift that I know my mom will treasure.

The magnetic paper is in the clearance section of the store....only $1.49 a sheet! With the holidays approaching, this would be an awesome quick, VERY inexpensive, but most appreciated gift for anyone on your list! I think I need to add a few sheets to my next order.


Linda F. said...

Rachel, I LOVE this idea!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it Rachel!!