Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So does this camera need to work THIS well???

I'm truly elated I was able to buy the "most unused" used Digital Rebel out there from my sweet friend Naomi.

But did I really need to see that line of drool so clearly? (Click on the picture and it will enlarge so you'll see what I mean.) *sigh*

My second closest place to heaven

Everyone that knows me well knows my favorite places on earth usually have something to do with green grass, tall fences along the back wall, and 18 boys in the lineup. Wrigley Field is the one that gives me chills just thinking about singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", but Hawkins Field is definitely a close second.

We were avid Vanderbilt baseball fans back when only a mere hundred people would show up for the games. We helped support the effort to install lights so night games could be played. Then when Mr. Hawkins made the initiative to build a REAL field, we supported that too.
And it really has turned into its own Field of Dreams. The baseball program has become more and more successful each year, this week reaching a new milestone in school history of being ranked the #1 team in the nation.

After a few weeks of some really cold weather - even snowing and sleeting here just four days ago, today was an absolutely gorgeous day! Up to 71 degrees and just beautiful! So what else could be more perfect than an afternoon baseball game? Vanderbilt was even playing my alma mater. LOL We left at the top of the 5th, but the Commodores are still undefeated.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We've been busy getting ready for Valentine's Day!

Addison worked really hard on the cookies we're taking for the party at her school tomorrow, but she did get tired of writing her name so many times on all the cards for her classmates and teachers. We also made a candle for Miss Beth and lollipop matchbook covers for her school friends.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Snow and My Reasons

We woke up Friday morning to a light covering of snow. Since Addison's preschool was on a snow delay and she's been hanging on to a bad cough most of the week, we decided to keep her home. However, we can go entire winters without more than a flake, so we took her and Clark out for ten minutes. Clark was actually ready to come back inside after about five minutes. She was so anxious to get out in it, but it wasn't long until she was ready to come in and warm up too.

I finished this LO on a canvas today for a project in Advanced Math at The School of Scrap. I'm taking this to work on Monday to hang in my office.