Saturday, September 26, 2009

White Water Rafting (miniscale)

I guess today is as good a day as any for my "Once-A-Month-Blogging". I realized a couple of weeks ago that given my transition from blogging to Facebook to Twitter, pretty soon I'll just expect you to read my mind! LOL And as a new blog feature, I've added my Twitter updates to the sidebar.

We have had so much rain the past couple of weeks, our backyard is reaching lake status again. There is an underground spring in the backyard, and when it reaches its limits water actually bubbles up out of the ground (along with a crayfish or two). Somehow I doubt we'll be using the fire pit anytime soon.

This morning it was raining pretty steady, and the kids are acting bored to death. Once we got a little break in the rain, Addison and Clark head out to the creek right behind the treeline. It's in the 70's here, so I let them go for it. It has a little current going, and they both are having fun using it as a wading pool.

Then Carl brings out the pool float and they had a blast "riding the raft."

What fun for them! And I love that a little outdoor time and some hot chocolate afterwards have cured the "I'm bored" mantra for the moment.