Saturday, October 13, 2007

Addison is LVN (lovin') kindergarten!

OK...Addison's teacher had already forewarned me about her writing words that don't look like words to us, but are words in the minds of a kindergartener. Recently, Addison has spent so much time writing and drawing. She'll get a stack of paper, draw pictures and/or letters on each page, then ask me to staple them together to finish making her "book".

So tonight...she brings me a paper and asks me to read this:


I needed her interpretation for the RT, but it says "Addison wrote this book."


denean said...

:) That is just too cute!!

Linda F. said...

That is so cute! BTW, I figured out "I writed this book". I was close. Comes from trying to figure out Vanity plates during all the traveling we do!

Chelle said...

Oh my goodness! That is SO precious!

BTW- I have never heard of the magnetic paper. I might have to check that out.