Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Confessions of a Challenge Junkie

I realized right as I was going to bed that I needed to send a note to school tomorrow for Addison's absence last Thursday. They had fall break Friday and Monday, so tomorrow will be her first day back since the day she was home sick. Now, of course, I have plenty of store-bought notecards here. I'm sure the school would even accept a note written on a sheet of paper torn from one of the many notepads around here. But none of that mattered. All I saw was another reason to stay up an extra few minutes and finish one more of Angel's sketches. Sketch 4 was perfect for this simple note to the school. Used an old SU greeting from one of the All Year Cheer sets, 2 little brads, and three different colors of Bazzill cardstock from one of my Simply Cardstock kits. Very simple but sometimes simple is good !! Now I need to go write that note and stick it in her backpack. Nite Nite!

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Angel Wilde said...

Cool.... I have never even thought of stamping a note card for a school excuse. Brilliant. And you're right.... this one is just perfect!!