Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Long Hiatus

I'm afraid I've had another long spell of neglecting the blog. It seems I've just moved from one crazy deadline to another lately. Tax season ended officially two weeks ago tomorrow...then we switched immediately into competition season for Addison's dance team. But life has not been all work and NO play.

We did find time to color Easter eggs.

And have an egg hunt.

Ride with daddy on the lawnmower.

I will admit the only creative thing I've done is to turn this plain pink felt hat

into this:

Addison's costume is definitely not one of those "off-the-shelf" numbers. Lots of time went into it, but they are definitely out of this world.

My next project is to finish 6 pages in 22 scrapbooks for the end of school!!! I hope to be back soon to a regular blogging schedule! Where is that darn Calgon??? LOL