Thursday, October 04, 2007

My baby is TWO!!!!

I've been a bad blogger this week. I went back to work Monday. Even though I'm only working about a 75% schedule, it is kicking my patootie. I have come home every night and practically gone straight to bed. But no such happenings tonight! It is Clark's birthday!

Hard to believe our little guy is 2 years old! We had a fun afternoon and evening with our little family-only celebration. Everyone is full of spaghetti and cake and ice cream, and I think I'm the only person still awake. LOL

Addison thought we all should dress for the occasion. Everyone else stayed in shorts, but she showed up in full party attire.

Once Clark understood that there were fun things in all the bags, he couldn't wait to dig into them!

He loved his Thomas the Train cake. The wind up toy actually goes around the little track. Clark wasn't really sure what he's supposed to do with the candles, but he was happy to turn the lights on and off for us.

And who said 1st birthdays are the messiest??? I think #2 ranks right up there too!

I promise to catch up on my blogging this weekend. I've got some great happy mail to share. And I'll be making some cards. Don't forget about the Weekend Card-a-thon at Scrap Treasures. Lots of challenges all weekend! And a chance to win a $15 gift certificate to the Scrap Treasures store! I hope you'll join us.


Susie said...

Great photos! looks like a fun party!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I can't believe Clark is 2 already!! Oh, and for the record, my girls have that same Ariel dress that Addison is wearing LOL :)


shirley said...

Love the party attire!! Too cute! and Happy Birthday to Clark!!

Love the banner below, I have crested one for an upcoming kit, too cool!!

Andi said...

Happy Birthday Clark! He shares a birthday week with my oldest son who just turned 16!

kmmiller said...

love the picutes. Birthdays are so fun.