Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trying to catch up

on everything! Whew! We made it through another tax season....but, as always, there is always so much to catch up on once it is over. I spent today snuggling with the kiddos, running a few errands and dealing with mail.

Still have alot to do to get things back in control, but slowly it will get there. The one thing I am most worried about is how much havoc that last 80+ hour week played with my milk supply. Thank heavens there was a huge stash in the freezer and still enough there to tide Baby C. over until I get back to normal. I'm trying to eat lots of oatmeal, drink my Mother's Milk tea, and pump after every feeding. I'm praying it will return to normal. I'm SOOOOO not ready to give up nursing C.

In spite of Easter falling on the day before the deadline, we still enjoyed some good family time Sunday. The picture was taken Sunday afternoon. It's so rare that we get a picture of all of us together.