Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Exhausted

The slightest possibility that extended family might need a place to sleep tonight en route to their vacation destination sent us into a flurry this weekend to deal with the all the boxes in the guest room...the room that can end up being a dungeon for months after a move. I'm happy to say that the boxes are mostly gone, the beds are made, and I would not have been embarrassed to have overnight guests even though it turned out they didn't need to stay here. But I'm tired and the alarm is going to ring way too early tomorrow morning.

The scraproom is coming along slowly but surely. Maybe I should just invite ya'll over to scrap in a week or two. That would be one sure way to make sure all these boxes get unpacked. Right now I've gotten just a tad too comfortable with them stacked out of the way. *sigh* On the bright side, the guest room is ready if we decide to pull a late-nighter! LOL
My husband keeps asking me where all this stuff came from? And how in the world I fit it all in my little 8x8 space at the old house. The sad thing is that I really don't know!!!


kris said...

it's looking so great! I'm jealous!

denean said...

Beautiful room!! Color me green!

CandaceHNC said...

Hey, Rachel! Popping by to say Hi!
Looks like your new home is really feeling like HOME! Love your new backporch blog header and your scrap/stamp room!

Gina de Jong said...

Hey Rachel...I have finally found you amongst my reader..that I am learning here in blog land!!! I love love your looks so inviting!!!!

Lologrl said...

i'm sooo jealous.... need my own craft room too!! can't wait til' the kids grow up, and I get one of their rooms...LOL... or that we buy another house with a room for ME!!!

glad to hear you finished that room before your guests showed up. great job!