Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's beginning to feel alot like Christmas!!

We took the kids to see Santa last night. I was able to pick up another gift while we were at the mall. I think I only have 3 gifts to buy now and maybe a few more stocking stuffers.

This afternoon we decorated a gingerbread house.

Although I think Clark did more un-decorating as evidenced by the finger swipes on the roof and the icing on his mouth.


Linda F. said...

Adorable! and I love the Gingerbread house. Is that a Wilton kit? I could never get the darned things to stick. Of course, Karen could...and still can! She made one this year. I'm waiting for pictures!

Rachel said...

No - it wasn't Wilton. It's from Create A Treat. I picked it up at Toys R Us a couple of weeks ago.