Sunday, January 06, 2008

Six Years

Six years ago this was my surprise de jour. This beautiful baby arrived four full weeks before her due date with no warning that she might be pre-term. She was perfectly healthy (Apgar scores of 9 & 10) and the prettiest thing I had ever seen!! But oh boy, were we unprepared! She didn’t even wait for her baby showers…and we’ll never forget those good friends that scrambled to get us a crib mattress and put her room together before she came home! I guess that was our first lesson that we had given up total control of our schedules.

Addison, you are one of My Three Reasons for everything I do! But you’re the one that convinced me to scrapbook – so the little details of all those precious memories don’t get lost in the cobwebs of my brain. With the flip of a page in an album, all the emotions come flooding back to me as if time had been standing still. Thanks, Pumpkin, for all the joy you’ve brought to us! You are a smart, beautiful, and loving little girl, and we love you forever.

Oh and if you’ve made it this far….don’t forget about the Blog Candy down below. I’m writing down all your ideas. I can’t wait to go back through the catalog again to make my final picks.


Linda F. said...

Oh, Rachel! You made me cry! I'm such a sap and I miss my "baby". What a beautiful little girl you have!

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous! Happy Birthday to your baby girl!!!

Amy (momtorachel)

tyrymom29 said...

awww What a cutie !!!! Happy Birthday !!!!

baronreads said...

Happy Birthday Addison! What a sweet story!

denean said...

Happy Birthday Addison! What a beautiful baby she was!! And even cuter now! :)