Saturday, January 05, 2008

Silence is NOT always Golden

Around this house, silence is welcome ONLY if a 2-year old is tucked in his crib. Otherwise, you'll encounter something like this!

And yes....I'm glad we laughed about it! But I'm really showing the next picture so you'll note the location of the Skin-so-Soft Bath Oil. It's that tall bottle in the FAR right corner with the teal lid. Because about 4 hours later, Mr. Quiet ventured back in the bathroom. I guess he knew he better skip right over the makeup this time...and reach for something else. By the time we got to the source of the no-noise, he had opened the Skin-So-Soft and dumped it all (probably about 12 oz.) on the bathroom floor. I didn't laugh this time, but I do have a floor that won't need to be mopped tomorrow (fingers crossed).


melee said...

Oh Rachel those pics are priceless!!!! I did laugh but only because I remember then "quiet" times - they always meant there was a huge mess somewhere...LOL

Carolyn said...

ROFL!!!! I can totally relate. :-)

lyndapac said...

LOL....poor Rachel! Clark is really making you earn those "wings" heee heee heee. Maybe he needs to wear bells on his shoes *wink*

Anonymous said...

ROFL - he sounds just like my precious little "quiet" lady. I only wish I had taken pictures of her disasters - my three top favs - 1. tea party and TV decorations done with expensive dry skin perscription cream. She was right - it was her cream. 2. Butter on the counter softening was boring so she spread it over the carpet (which had to be replaced) and 3. THREE bottles of powder (1 for her and each of her buddies) ALL over her bedroom.

Gotta love them!

Love the pics
Amy (momtorachel)

joybear said...

What a fun photo..and I bet that was a mess!!
Love the LO using the sketch...I followed a link from the sketch blog to here. Great job!

baronreads said...

OMG! You sure have got your hands full!! I had a cousin JUST LIKE THIS!! My aunt sure does have alot of stories! Good luck!!