Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rare Sights

Just sharing a couple of rare photo ops from today.

The first is my son, 25 mths. old, just back from the doctor with his very first ear infection. He was so miserable at the ped's office. I have never seem him cry so hard and so long with so many tears. It completely wore him out and not 15 minutes after we got home, he fell asleep propped up on pillows at the foot of our bed watching a movie. Of course, after a nap and some Motrin, he was back up, running like an wild man, into any and everything he could find. But those peaceful minutes when it's not designated "crib time" are a rare occurrence.

The second is the tree just outside our front door. I take this very same picture every year about this time, but the color always takes my breath away.

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Jen said...

awwww poor baby...he must be so miserable. hang in there. love that photo of the tree... so pretty. nothing like that here. just green all year long. thanks for sharing!!!