Sunday, November 04, 2007

New Way to Kill Time & Angel's Sketch 29

I am just not one of those people that can sit and wait without it causing major anxiety for me. I try to multi-task all day long to even TRY keep up with everything I need/want to do. So yesterday before I took Addison to dance class, I packed a small canvas tote bag with some stamped images, my pastels and a couple of blender pens. While she was in class, I sat in the lobby and had a marvelous time coloring!! I received several of these Clickabella images a couple of weeks ago in a giveaway on Carla's blog, but I hadn't had a chance to use them yet. I spend alot of time at the computer, so I really love this bella even though my desk never looks that clean.

When Angel posted Sketch 29 last night, I was able to whip up this card pretty quickly using one of the colored images. The paper is by Pebbles and the jewel accents came from the $1 bin at M's. I stamped Happy Birthday on the inside, and I'll be sending this one to a special online friend this month!

So tell you have a fun way to pass the time while you're waiting for kids or sitting in the doctor's office?


Angel Wilde said...

I always try to multitask! I do lots of things while watching TV. I hate to "just" watch TV. Coloring is a great idea! I love your card here!

Amy said...

Cute card, Rachel! I don't have too many things yet where the girls don't need Mommy right there ;) But the few times I do, I usually have a book or magazine to read.

Angel Wilde said...

Thank you, Rachel!!! I love this card even more in person!! It arrived on my birtdhay today! Perect timing!!! THANK YOU!!