Monday, September 24, 2007

Do you live in Austin? and other Monday Musings

I'm not sure if any of my blog readers live near Austin, TX. But if you do, you need to know that Memory Depot is now carrying A Muse Stamps. Check out Geeta's blog for more information and her class schedule.

Take a minute to read about this family and post a comment on Lori's blog for a chance to win a CD!

Look at this contest! I've never even made an envelope, but what an awesome prize pack!!

I'm wiped out today. I got my husband to drop me off at the office today on his way to an appointment on the other side of town. I ended up being there 3 hours. I promptly came home and took a 3 hour nap! And I still don't want to get up and do much. My mom went back home today, so I should probably get up and tackle the first pile I run into. LOL

And tomorrow starts the new fall season of tv for me! I'll be watching the season premiere of House. Then Private Practice on Wednesdays. Grey's and E.R. on Thursdays. Can you tell I'm a medical show junkie?

One more question for ya'll. I need to get an order together for CTMH. I'm in desperate need of the 12x12 postbound albums. I have so many layouts just sitting in piles or in boxes waiting for a home. But what else do I need? What is YOUR favorite CTMH stamp set??

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Thanks for posting this Rachel!