Monday, February 16, 2009

What I did tonight!

Click here....cause it's her idea and I didn't take pictures anyway.

Yes...nevermind that Clark & I didn't even get home until 6:30 with a carload of groceries to put away. Truth be told, I didn't spend THAT much more time in my kitchen than I would have to make only tonight's dinner. And it's like money in the bank knowing I have a couple of backup meals in the freezer.

Is there a particular meal that you make double batches of to put one in the freezer? I'm all ears. I've got just a couple more weeks before tax season totally turns crazy...inevitably wreaking havoc on my routines at home. The more I can prepare, the better it will be for everyone in my family!!!

And if I keep this up, you're all going to know exactly which blogs I do read! Thanks Meredith, for finding this one a few weeks ago.


Leila said...

Thanks for commenting and thanks for the linky love!

So...what DID you do?? Was it meatloaf too?


Courtney said...

This is such a great idea. I used to do that.. cook one day a week but have totally gotten away from doing it!