Friday, February 13, 2009

M&M's Matchbook Valentines

In typical fashion, I waited until the last minute to finish these little matchbooks to hold the Fun-Size M&M packs. I ended up using the same design for both kid's classes. I originally thought of the idea to have something "boy-ish" from Clark. But Addison has become very adamant about being a tomboy lately, so I decided to make it easy on me and use these for her friends too! In fact, she would have rather that I made all blue ones for her class, but I ran out of blue cardstock and had to use some of the dreaded pink! LOL I dug out my much-neglected Autumn Leaves Astroboy stamp set and some TAC stamps for the HVD sentiment.

If you've got any of the fun-size packs sitting around, these are easy peasy.

1. Cut cardstock 4"x8".

2. Score at 3.25", 3.75", and 7.25".

3. Stamp inside and outside of cover.

4. Add diecut letters "U" "R" to front cover.

5. Fold in right edge and staple twice.

6. Use a staple to attach a fun-size pack of candies topped with a 3/4" border.

7. Sign the cards.

8. Fold over front cover and tuck under right edge! TA DA! All ready to deliver to school this morning!


Carolyn said...

Way cute Rachel! I waited until the last minute too and only made treat boxes for the kids teachers. You rock for making enough for two classes!!!

kris said...

those are too cute! thanks for the directions! maybe next year!! lol!

kana said...

Cute valentines!!

toners said...

Fabulous job! Perfect!

Risa Malieta W. said...

Your matchbook are super cute Rachel! TFS!!!

denean said...

Oh Rachel this is the cutest matchbook ever!!