Friday, January 09, 2009

Project 365! (or Project 52....or even 12!!!)

It's the scrap world's buzzword right now, isn't it? Project 365? Even if you didn't get the kit (and I didn't even try), reading about it has encouraged me to keep the camera out more the past nine days. So far, two days in 2009 with no shots were taken. But in my busy world, that's not unusual. I'm just committed to not let too many days (or even weeks) go by without snapping the shutter or focusing in on what really goes on in our day-to-day lives.

So whether I call it Project 365 or Project 52 or even Project 12, I will be documenting our life in pictures this year. During my craft room re-organization project last weekend, I ran across this album and little kit from Creative Cafe.
It was one of projects at Scrap Etc last April. I didn't even attend that class and haven't done a thing with the kit. But the little album has 12 tabbed sections which I'm thinking will be perfect for my 2009 photo journey. I'm going to have to start printing smaller sizes (which is an option at or leaving the zoom alone so I can fit more pics in this album (measures approx. 7 x 5.5)

If you haven't heard about Project 365, follow the links from Jolynn's post to learn more. Then tell me....are you doing it? It's only the 9th....definitely not too late to start. I'm sure you have something in your stash you can use to pull this together! And if you don't...I'm sure I have something in MY stash you can use. LOLOL

Oh....and here is my picture for today! Playing Sorry on a Friday night.


Carolyn said...

Perfect album for the project Rachel! I love the picture of the kids playing Sorry, although they look way to old, lol! I took the same picture for the project (my kids playing Sorry) last week! :)

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I'm trying to take more pics also. I decided to do an art journal instead of Project 365. I'll be putting pictures in there. I'm not worrying if I don't take one anyday. I'm out for 'moments' and not quantity, KWIM? The kit you chose is adorable!!!

denean said...

What a cute album! I have decided to try "project 52" - just too busy for 365. Good luck!!