Sunday, January 04, 2009

My weekend project

I was lucky to take a four-day weekend and warned my family before it started that my focus was going to be getting the craft room/office organized. We moved here seven months ago, and there were still several too many unpacked boxes sitting around. It's technically the formal living room so what a mess on the rare occasion that someone comes to the front door. I'm not even going to show you the before pics...they are embarassing!!! Plus I have plenty of AFTER pics.

I can actually craft in any 12 inch square space, but finding what I knew I had somewhere was, on occasion, a hindrance. This room is also my office for our personal finance stuff and where I work when I need to work from home. With tax season approaching I'm sure there will be more and more of that activity here too!

Looking in from the foyer:

I got these white cubes at Michael's and I LOVE them. Patterned paper and cardstock are stored vertically on the left half. And yes...that pink bag holds my unfinished projects from Scrap Etc. Someone please make me finish them soon, okay???

Almost everything else is in one of these drawers.

Alphas, ribbon, large embellishments are sorted by color. Here's a view of the pink and red drawers.

Unmounted stamps are stored in CD cases. These drawers are the perfect size and each drawer will hold about 30 stamps sets!!!

There are also drawers for rub-ons, for chipboard, for stickers/transparencies, and a few for specific themes like Baby, Christmas, Birthday, etc.

And here's a pic once we moved the school desks back in after my cleaning frenzy. These desks were left behind by the previous owners and my kids LOVE them. They sit in here with me and draw/cut/color or just watch tv. Guess I never should have worried about separating the playroom and craftroom combo we had in the old place, huh?


Linda F. said...

Wow, Rachel! Looks great! I remember when you had all those plastic bins stacked up to keep Clark out! LOL!

Lyn said...

I love your cubes! And the whole room looks great.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Rachel!!!!

Donna said...

Beautiful! My room is yellow with white storage cabinets too. I love what you have done. It is organized and efficient looking but cozy at the same time. Wonderful!

denean said...

Looks great Rachel! Love your room. You are the organizing master!! Now get to work messing it up! LOL!!

emelyn said...

WOW, Rachel! What a GREAT room. You are totally organized and will be having a great time in there in 2009!

Kana Conger said...


It looks really good, maybe now you can come over and help me!


Kimmer said...

Wow! I love your scrap room! Would you come to Canada and organize mine? lol

kris said...

Looks great and I love the cubes too! Love the color of that room! Aren't those desks the coolest? My Mom has one too, but Trey has gotten too big for it! Kris