Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Batch of Cards and A Haircut

Remember Toni from yesterday's post? I used this card of hers as inspiration for a batch of cards to add to my stash. The stamps are TAC and Inque Boutique, paper is Three Bugs in A Rug - Tickled Pink, and some ribbon from my stash. The sentiment is embossed with white embossing powder. I'm feeling good about having a couple to stick in the mail and a few more to have on hand when I need one but don't need to take the time to make one. KWIM?

Clark has been in dire need of a haircut. I gave him his first two haircuts almost chopping off his left ear the second and last time I did it. Then I handed haircut duties over to the sitter he went to before he started preschool. I hated to bother her on a holiday weekend to see if she could cut it, so we headed to Uncle Classic Barbershop just a mile or so from the house. Clark was a real trooper and sat very still for his new cut. While we were there he told the gal cutting his hair that he was going to go home and just look in the mirror.

And yes....I do still have a daughter....she's been unusually out of proximity from the camera lately. Her week is coming up though. I've been on a card-making frenzy this weekend and she is a little put out that I haven't started her birthday card yet. She doesn't understand yet that if I NEED a card on Tuesday, I'll probably make it Monday night. LOL


denean said...

Cute cards Rachel - glad to see you back to blogging!

emelyn said...

OMG, Clark is getting sooo big! Great cards and WTG using up that stash!