Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It didn't used to be fair

I wish I had some creations to share, but unfortunately, playing cleanup and catch-up from two straight weeks of sickness in our house has kept me away from any crafty stuff for way too long. Thankfully, we are all over it now. And the house has been disinfected so many times I'd eat off the floors!

But I was reminded tonight of a story Addison told me a few weeks ago that I haven't written down yet. "It didn't use to be fair" was her way of starting the story. Of course, I have to ask..."what didn't used to be fair, sweetheart?"

"Well-l-l-l......back when Mrs. P was a little girl (Mrs. P is her 60-ish kindergarten teacher), she couldn't go to the same school with Mia and Taylor. (Mia and Taylor are two friends in her class). They would have to go to different schools and they couldn't be friends. And if they went on a field trip and they were on the same bus, Mia and Taylor would have to ride in the back and Mrs. P would have to ride up front. But Mark and Luke or King had a dream, and he changed all that!!"

I will show you my insightful little girl (who mixes up people with books of the Bible) with her wonderful RAK from my dear friend Linda. Linda sent her the most wonderful little book for Addison to put her art in. Doesn't she look so proud? Thanks Linda for such a wonderful surprise!


Linda F. said...

Rachel what a sweet story! You will be scrapping that, right?
And I'm so glad she likes her little book. I hope she fills it with all kinds of wonderful things!

Chelle said...

That is the BEST story! That is so cool!

kris said...

Addison ROCKS!! That story is made for Reader's Digest! I swear, send it in, make some money! THanks for sharing, she's a hoot! Linda, that book is so cute!