Monday, July 30, 2007

Global Bumper Card Society

What a great idea from Geeta!! Bumper tag! I got tagged by Deb who I just recently met through my blog. She is such a sweetie to comment on the cards I've been attempting.

Here are the rules from Geeta's site:
1) Send a card to someone you know within 7 days! (family, friends, associates, cyber people, etc.) ANYONE!!! Doesn't matter who... just do it. Can you imagine the smile on their face when they open their mailbox and see a card from you?
2) Tag 5 people you know to do the same thing (Tag means tag them to send their own cards to their own people).
3) Proudly display this on your blog to spread a little sunshine and pass it on.

If you get tagged again (we can all hope, can't we), send another card!

We could keep playing bumper tag for a long time!!! I can't wait to send out a few cards this week! And I'm tagging:

1. Linda
2. Lori
3. Sunny
4. Melanie
5. Cheryl - a new message board acquaintance, but take a look at the beautiful cards in her gallery!


Lori Stilger said...

Rachel, need your help to get the tag link/pic up on my site!!! SOS!!! :D Can you email me, please? I want to do as nice a job as YOU did! :D

Cheryl N. said...

Rachel, how fun!! I'll definitely be taking part in this - thanks for "tagging me"!