Monday, April 30, 2007

Celebrating National Scrapbooking Week

I've often said that I never in my life thought I could ever find a hobby that would rival my dh's golf spending. Then I found scrapbooking. I met Carl the second week of April....right in the midst of the Masters Golf Tournament. I learned quickly that his world STOPPED for the Masters. At least until we had kids. Now he tries to celebrate Masters week yet balance his paternal responsibilities. And too funny, but that's how I now feel about National Scrapbooking Week! Like it should be some kind of sacred holiday.

I will be celebrating this week by going to the CK Convention on Friday. Then coming home and cybercropping with some online friends at Sunny's new site: Scrap Treasures. There will be games and challenges and PRIZES all weekend!! If you don't have a place to celebrate NSD, please join us at Scrap Treasures. And, of course, I'll be balancing my scrapping with making sure the kids stay clean, fed, and happy. (They don't need to eat that often, do they?)


kmmiller said...

I agree on the golfing with you. same boat here

Sheila Hatcher said...

Rachel...I know just what you mean. My husband loves to work with horses and relaxes at home by playing the guitar. I was just telling him last week that scrapbooking was for me what horses and guitar all rolled up was for him! Sheila Hatcher