Wednesday, September 06, 2006's still Tuesday in my book

It's just a few strokes past midnight, but my head hasn't hit the pillow so I'm counting this as an entry for Tuesday. *wink*

I had to wait until dh woke up from his nap in the recliner to have him draw a name for the goodies. And the winner is............


I met Connie on the Remember The Moments forum during Lorie's posting challenge. She's from West TN (I think) so she's practically a neighbor. YAY Connie!!!

Tonight I started some cards, uploaded some pictures to have printed, and finished up an altered magnet for a special friend.

Thanks everyone that joined in the little contest. That was fun!!! Now make sure you go check out some of those links. There's lots of great inspiration out there right now. Nite Nite!!!!


Anonymous said...

Me? Really, Me? OMGoodness. Thank you so much. I am so surprised.

And yep I am in West TN. :D


Carrie said...

cute lil thing you made!!