Sunday, September 17, 2006

So much for blogging every day this month...

It's been a crazy week. Busy, busy, busy. Catching up on a few things & getting further behind with others.

For my Grocery Game friends, here are the results of my trip to Harris Teeter today. Got everything in the picture for $35.28 and that includes almost $4 in sales tax. Sale prices and coupons totaled $57.45. I just love when that happens!!

Tonight A. and I went to see Disney on Ice Princess Wishes. She really enjoyed it especially when the dragon breathed fire on the ice. I think I expected her to be more in awe than she was though. She asked when we could go again, and I told her when she was 9 or 12. So matter of factly, she told me that next time she wasn't going to watch the show, she would be Snow White IN the show. Who does that sound like? A little girl who just knew she could tap dance at her next fiddle performance??

I took this picture right before we left the house, then played with it in Photoshop.

And here are 2 layouts I've done this month for a challenge at Creative Hearts Studio. Tough challenge since I rarely (if ever) scrap about me. This challenge has really forced me to record some memories and feelings I otherwise would never have gotten around to.


Carrie said...

Awesome savings..maybe you can tell us about that at CHS? that coupon savings?
Love the photo! I need to study my photoshop more to do that!!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow. Love those savings. I signed up for grocey game and used you as my referral. :)

oh and i also tagged you. :) You can read about it here...