Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Thankful Reflection

Goodness knows I really shouldn't be taking the time to blog tonight. I'm way behind on emails and blog comments because I'm trying to stay OFF the computer and get some neglected tasks handled. But since this is my outlet for recording my thoughts about the day, I just couldn't let this day end without an entry.

I find it really sad that I can go for days (or even weeks) going through the motions of life without stopping to really appreciate all that we have been blessed with. You know what I mean? Juggling schedules, finding work/home balance, time is short, the "to-do's" are always longer than there are hours in the day? For some reason, today I am just overwhelmed with all the blessings in my life and a genuine appreciation for all the things I in no way deserve. I know there are many that haven't even crossed my mind today, but here are a few:

1. So thankful for modern medicine and the power of healing. One year ago today, I wrenched a disc that had been giving me fits for months. I would spend the next 10 days in bed waiting for surgery --- even strong pain meds gave little relief during that time. I'm thankful today to be *mostly* pain free and not have to explain to a two-year old that I can't pick him up!

2. So thankful that even in today's labor market, my husband is starting a new job on Monday after more than 10 years of self-employment. It's tough out there. Everywhere he looked, they are getting so many applicants for each job it's hard to be THE ONE that stands out and gets hired.

3. So thankful for our new home. When you get to be as old as we are, you know exactly what features you're looking for if you're going to go to all the trouble of moving. This house had everything on our "must-have" list (even if alot of them need repairing or updating) plus a few more.

When we would talk about finding a new house, Addison would always say she wanted a creek. Can you imagine how excited we were, after we had already bought the house, to find out there is a creek just behind the treeline in the backyard? It's been mostly dried up this summer, but the Gustav remnants made for a little wading fun today!

4. So thankful for my two beautiful, healthy and amazing children. I had read the statistics on having kids late in life, and they're not very encouraging if you're one of those women of *advanced maternal age*. I know I'm so blessed to have these two considering we didn't even start trying until I was 39! They amaze me every day with their love for life and learning. Tonight as I'm snuggling Clark before bed, he blurts out, "Be ye kind one to another!" I had no idea he was already memorizing Bible verses at preschool...and he got this one down pat.

I know there are so many more....but the pillows are calling. Just remind me next time I start whining of all I have to be thankful for, okay?


Anonymous said...

Rachel, you NEVER whine. You NEVER complain. You NEVER seem anything other then superwoman.

Our blessing lists are VERY similar...well, without the creek! So thanks for the reminder also.

Love you girlie!!

pink said...

My heart is just so full of joy with you over your blessings! Thanks for taking the time to share. I love the verse that says God wants to LAVISH us with good things........abundantly more than we could ever imagine. You have a very lavish creek!!! :)

I was looking at a photo of the kids from when they were little the other day and thought "if I could just have that stage of our lives again for ONE single day...I'd appreciate it so much more."

Linda F. said...

Thank you, Rachel, for a sharing such beautiful and inspiring thoughts. When we just sit and listen, it's so good to hear our blessings whispered in our ear!

denean said...

Sweet post Rachel, really gets me thinking the way I should be. Love your pictures!

emelyn said...

Oh Rachel! What a wonderful post and so very meaningful. I've always admired you since I've "met" you. You are such a blessing to so many out there...THANK YOU for being you!

I love that photo of you and the kids!!

photographer said...

thank you for sharing these blessings! we all need to stop and do this. day to day struggles make us forget how very sweet life is, so thank you for making me stop and think about my blessings. and amen to older parenting.

Scrappin in my spare time said...

Oh Rachel you are blessed that is for sure. I love that giving mommy a kiss photo. A present from heaven they are.

emelyn said...

Hey girl! Check out my blog..LOL!