Monday, November 13, 2006

A little bit done!

I got some new stuff to help with the re-organizing. The 39-drawer set came from Lowe's. I'm using it to sort small embellishments by color in the top two rows, alphas and numerals in the next 3 rows, then things like chipboard shapes, frames, tags, flowers, etc in the bigger drawers on the bottom. I also hung a vertical file sorter on the wall to hold the larger packages of alpha stickers.

I've finished four more pages in Hillary's class. Here are the two I finished tonight in what has to be record time for me.

And here are my sweet little punkins playing in the leaves today.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that layout and the leaves photo is just precious!

Anonymous said...

Love the layouts and the pic!!! :)

Bibi said...

Awesome layout!! Love that pic of the kids playing in the leaves!

Julie said...

I love the boxes that you got from Lowe's those would work wonders in my scrap room too!