Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Now for something REALLY SCARY!!!

This is the current state of my scrap area. If you scroll down a couple of posts, you'll see a layout with pictures of what it SHOULD look like. *sigh* I could blame the problem on a very small space, but I know it's because more supplies have been coming in than have been getting used.

So I'm on a Use It Up, Clean It Up or Get It Out mission in November. I have signed up for two online classes to get lots of LO's done this month, and my goal is to spend a few minutes organizing every day. I'll try to post an organizing task here every couple of days to make myself accountable. If you'd like to join me, I'd love the company. And I'd welcome your comments, opinions or advice on what organization method works for you. I'd even love to see pics of your scrap area if you can comment with a link.

So....look out tomorrow for the Organizing Task #1 !!!

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