Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Great Flood of 2010 - Our Story!

Rain on Saturday. This is a view from our covered patio of our backyard. If you enlarge this photo, you might be able to see the white-caps on the creek behind the treeline. This creek bed will be dry rock during the hot summer months.

The view from our covered patio toward the neighbor's backyard. Notice the water pouring off the awning over the door of our bonus room --- which is nothing more than a converted garage. You'll see inside that door in just a minute.

The view from our front door. I have never seen that little creek around the circle of the cul-de-sac before!

Here's inside that downstairs door. Addison and Carl are sweeping the water out as it pours in behind that door. It's coming from the crawlspace which is actually higher elevation-wise than the floor of the bonus room.

Here's where the water is coming in from the crawlspace. You can see the ripples in the half-inch of standing water.

Sunday morning we didn't go to church. But my children gave their best performance acting out the story of baby Moses. There is a Cabbage Patch baby in that styrofoam cooler.

Addison setting up the props:

Here comes the baby in the basket!
More rain!!
During a break in the rain we got out to drive around the neighborhood and take some pictures.
In front of some houses in our subdivision:

Brentwood Country Club golf course:

From the bridge of the Little Harpeth River (just south of Brentwood Country Club and north of Murray Lane):

And a zoom in of that tree above. Yes...someone is innertubing!!!

Cal Turner's farm which is my favorite landmark near our house:

We are fine! A little water damage and about 7 hours without power, but we are very lucky. The news coverage of some of our neighboring towns and communities is just heartbreaking. Please pray for Nashville and Middle Tennessee as we recover from this disaster.


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king about you guys Rachel! This is so hard for you guys!!!

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