Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Krazy Corner to Kids' Corner

I was called on the carpet about a week ago by a friend who noticed that I hadn't updated the blog lately. Seems I've turned into a OAMB (Once-A-Month-Blogger). But instead of boring you with all our vacation and back to school pictures, I'll show you what I did today.

The office/craft room has recently become a dumping ground for lots of things. We've been cleaning out my mother-in-law's house to get it on the market. Boxes and items from her house landed on the table and floor until I had time to figure out if we needed to give these things a home or not. But not all the blame lies there. Since there's not been much crafting going on in this room the past few months, the kids and I have gotten bad about letting the table pile up. I've been wanting to set up a little area for Addison and Clark to keep their art supplies instead of letting them spread across the house.

I signed up for Aby Garvey's free one-week online workshop (started yesterday) to give me a jumpstart on getting organized. Since today is my day at home, I decided to tackle this crazy corner. One shredder to goodwill, other shredder moved upstairs near the filing cabinet. Rolling tote moved to the attic, paper files purged. I still need to unpack those scrapbook supplies under the table, but we're saving that for another day. I'm just happy that the kids have their scrapbook paper, colored pencils, markers, crayons, stickers, glue sticks and scissors neatly contained! So whether it's used for homework or artsy stuff, they have their own little area to work in. I can't wait for Addison to get home from school to see it! Clark has seen it, but he's much more interested in watching our plumber replace bathroom fixtures at the moment.


Lyn said...

Looks great Rachel. I bet Addison and Clark love it.I have that same task light in my stamp room lol

Amanda said...

it looks awesome! way to go on clearing it off!

denean said...

Looks great! I envy your energy!!

kana said...

Looking good Rachel, maybe you can come over to my house and motivate me! I have a few piles going over here!!