Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thank you Addison!

We just got back from a little vacation to the Smokies. We stayed in a wonderful cabin way up on Ski Mountain in Gatlinburg with the most spectacular view from the back deck. The drive up was a little unnerving at first, but we got somewhat used to it. Our excitement was when this visitor showed up going through our trash more than 20 feet from the front door!!
And then he wandered off just as nonchalantly as he showed up. We didn't really do much tourist-y stuff except the Ripley's Aquarium which everyone enjoyed.

But was because of Addison that we scheduled our little getaway. Her dance team participated in the Stage One National Finals Thursday and Friday. They didn't make it to the Shootout today, but I am so proud of how well they did...especially since this was the first year of competing for most of the team.

It's no secret (at the studio or to my friends and family) that Addison has struggled with her backbend for "Germs". She nailed it during Friday's performance, but when I saw this picture I asked her why she and her friend on the far left are looking at each other.
Her answer: Bella was saying "Great job Addison!" and I was saying "Thanks." You gotta love the sweet innocence of these little girls!

And who can forget "The Cars That Go Boom!" It will be hard to find a costume or a catchy little tune to rival this number.

Great job Hubbies! Thanks for the trip to Gatlinburg! :)


Carolyn said...

Oh gosh, Rachel, those pictures are the best! I'm so glad you guys were able to get away for some family time in a beautiful location. Way to go Addison, too! She looked fabulous!

kana said...

Looks like you guys had a good time, well except for the SCARY black bear! Isn't it too hot in TN for bears?? Addison looks great.

Kelly said...

Just read your blog & got tears in my eyes. Like you said, it is so sweet how the girls look out for eachother. Another reason I love our Hubcaps...yes they compete, but they are not competitive. They care about eachother and want to do their very best for Mrs. Cathy & the Team. I am praying that God opens a window so wide that none of us can deny his work in our & our girls lives!!! Hope to see you soon~

kris said...

great pics! Glad you had a family vacation! WTG Addison!! Hope y'all are all good!