Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Dusting of Snow and a CASE Challenge!

Lest ye think that the view from our backporch is always as green and lush as the blog banner would lead you to believe, here is what I saw this morning from the porch. Quite a difference, eh? Just a dusting of snow, but enough to make the kids happy. And yes, the tree line is quite different. The ridge behind the trees is "our" railroad track...I've been told it's a local line that ships mostly between Nashville and the Saturn plant about 25 miles away. It only runs a couple of times a day, and now we can actually wave to the conductor when the train goes by! Between the track and trees is our little creek. Carl cleared out all the underbrush so that we have a better view of the kids when they're playing back there.

Addison has ALWAYS wanted to keep snow around. So this big bowl of snow is now residing in the chest freezer. Around July, she'll decide she wants to eat some of it. LOL

And my inspiration for the bedside bookcase that I was dusting today. I've hung onto the idea books, that stack of Papercrafts magazines, the Cards and Scrapbook Trends issues. I'm really not ready to part with them, but I need to use them. So I'm challenging myself to CASE (Copy And Steal Everything) one project a month from one of these publications. It's just another part of my "stash" that I need to dig into occasionally.

If you want to join the CASE Challenge, leave a comment on this post with a link to your CASE-d creation. Your inspiration could be from a printed publication or anywhere online, but you also must link us up with the project or artist that inspired you. CASE-ing etiquette demands that you give credit where it's due and never use those creations for anything other than personal use. Have your project linked here by March 31 to be in the drawing for a RAK of goodies from me. :)

On a side note, seeing that pic of the bottom shelf makes me thankful that the heating pad, back brace, and inflatable lumbar pillow are all neatly stacked. That means my back is behaving itself right now, and that is always cause for some gratitude.


kana said...

I love the view of the snow in your yard!! But, it did not last very long.

toners said...

LOL about the snow!! It reminds me of an episode of "Arthur" where D.W. keeps a snowball in the freezer :)