Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rambling about odds and ends

1. I think I need to change the tagline on this blog. Technically, it's a covered patio, but here's the view from my back porch. And doesn't everyone have a Cars toothbrush out on the patio table ????

2. Why can I never get these two to take a decent picture together when they are all dressed for church ???

3. You may or may not know that I am so NOT a shopper. At least not out in the stores. I like to order online and have it delivered to my doorstep. Anyway, I found a "new" store last week! Kohl's has been open here for ?what? 5 years? or so? I stepped foot in there for the first time last week, and maybe I just got lucky, but I'll be going back to check out their great sales. The walls and drapes were already like this in Clark's room when we moved in. I had that fleece blanket with an antique transportation theme and had already decided to use that too. But at Kohl's I found this discontinued bedding that was unbelievably marked down. For $83 plus tax, I got the coverlet, shams, two pillows to go inside the shams, the striped pillow and a set of sheets and pillowcases. I think it's just perfect! Definitely not "little" boy, but it will grow with him (without showing stains - LOL).

4. I've been concentrating on getting the rest of the house "set up", so I haven't given the office/craft room much attention. We did get all the storage cubes (bought at Michael's with a bunch of 50% coupons) put together and I'm really looking forward to getting these stocked!

5. But tonight I got the itch to drag out some stamps and make a simple card. The only question is "Which box are my ink pads in???"


pink said...

Hey Rachel....love the glimpse at your busy life. :) The house looks GREAT!

And for the record......I still can't get my three to all look good in one photo. LOL

jayne said...

Your new home looks great, Rachel! Love the photo of the kids!

Linda F. said...

Looks like things are coming along! And KOHL'S! Oh MY! Wait till you hit their CHRISTMAS sales!

denean said...

Awesome backyard!!
YAY! For finding such an awesome deal and love the new look for the craft area too!