Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fort Knox

Welcome to Fort Knox. And yes, there are some treasures in here even though they may not be gold. LOL This is what you have to do when you have a scrap space in an open area AND have an inquisitive, energetic 19-month old whose curiosity outweighs his ability to retain what "NO" means.

1. The "U" in my U-shaped area is barricaded with a baby gate.

2. I actually started using these Rubbermaid tubs for project kits, theme papers and alterables when I started running out of storage space. It turns out they really were necessary to prevent bandits from using the craft desk as a tunnel.

3. I had to build up a barricade next to the wall. This only used to house my crop tote, but Clark was climbing over that on a fairly consistent basis. He still gets the floss holder down and carries it around like a suitcase, but so far he's been deterred from trying to climb in anymore.

And there you have it. Mom's way to protect her space!!!


Linda F. said...

Hehe! Love it, Rachel! What a challenge it must be to keep up Clark! But what a cutey he is. I'm sure it's totally worth it!

Wendy Rago said...

I Love it Rachel!!! Totally Clark proof! hehehhehee


Sarah said...

Oh my good CUTE are Addison and Clark???? (excellent child-proofing btw!!)