Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Who's Teaching Who??

Last night when I walk in late from work, A.R. is watching a movie C.A. has rented for her. I'm still not sure I would have rented Corpse Bride for a 4 year old, but then I'm not a father. LOL She is already more than halfway through it by this time anyway.

I ask her what the movie is about. She shows me the DVD case and tells me something about a wedding. Then A.R. says, pointing to the girl on the cover, "She doesn't have any skin....well....it's blue skin." I ask her if that is ugly. With such wisdom A.R. replies, "No Momma. It's not ugly. It's just different."

Oh little girl...thanks for the reminder. And always keep fighting the urge to judge others by how they look. We're all different...but it doesn't ever make us ugly.


Heather said...

Oh Rachel how totally sweet!! Isn't great when our kids remind us of the lessons we have tried to instill in them. Its so nice to know they "get it".

Linda F. said...

They're so wise, aren't they? I hope that remains with her. The world will be a lot better place because of her attitude!

Anonymous said...

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